Brand Profile
Brand Profile


       Xin Ding Biotechnology Co., Ltd is established by Xin Ding Group, located in the Yichang Area Biological Industry Park of the China (Hubei province) Free Trade Zone, which mainly produces Changshengchuan Hubei Chin-brick tea and its derivative products. The company has 17 self-developed automatic, clean production lines, 98 patents and the annual production capacity has reached 10,000 tons as well. Now it has grown into a national high-tech enterprise and a key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Hubei province.

      Changshengchuan Hubei Chin-brick tea is Hubei Time-honored brand which was founded in 1368 by the ancestor of He family, who was regarded as the originator of chin-brick tea. With the “Red Dragon Certification” granted by Qing Dynasty, Changshengchuan sold well in Europe, Asia and Africa, known as “the treasure on the tea road”.

In recent years, the company is committed to the processing and research and development of chin-brick tea products. In addition to producing classic brick tea, it has also developed tea products in various shapes, such as the instant drink series represented by “triangular tea bags ”and “granular tea bags”, it bring a convenient way to you to enjoy chin-brick tea at all time. Meanwhile, there is a gift box series: chocolate-cake brick tea - eight moralities, which is not only convenient for drinking, but also contains rich Chinese culture. In addition, we also have multi-style custom-made product series, by raw juice fermentation and natural aging, the tea smelled more fragrant, tasted more mellow.

Nowadays, the national "The Belt and Road" initiative provides a powerful platform for the development of Changshengchuan, so the company actively participates in foreign exchange. At present, Changshengchuan Hubei Chin-rick tea is not only sold to the northwest regions of Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, but also Mongolia, Georgia, Russia, the United Kingdom and many other countries.


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