Brand honor
Brand honor

During its prosperous time, Changshengchuan won high recognition not only in high quality but also had been widely praised in the domestic and international industrial fairs.
 1. In Sep.,1909,"Changshengchuan " won the first prize in Wuhan Trade Fair.

 2. In 1910,"Chang-sheng-chuan" won the first prize during Nan yang Trade Fair.

 3. In 1915,"Changshengchuan" won the gold medal in Panama Pacific International  Exposition.

 4. In 2014,Chinese Culture Promotion Society invited Changshengchuan to participate in “the Tea Road “Chinese Tea Culture Art Exhibition held in Ulan Bator, Mongolia

 5. In 2014,Changshengchuan was invited to participate in “Sydney Chinese Tea Culture and Art Exhibition" held in Australia during the time Xi Jinping arrived in Australia to attend a summit of the Group of Twenty.

 6. On 30th Nov.,2014,Chinese first poetic essay about chin-brick tea "Changshengchuan Fu" was born in Yichang.

 7. On 31st May., 2015,during the second session of China - Southeast Asian Folk High-end Dialogue, Changshengchuan "Auspicious Dragon "as national gift was presented to the 11 government dignitaries by the State Council Vice Premier Liu Yandong .

 8. In Jun., 2015,Changshengchuan as the only tea brand of Hubei participated
Ø in activities of Hubei theme cultural held by 2015 Milan World Expo, Changshengchuan “Centennial Expo" customized products as the China International Trade Promotion Association's specified gift was presented to the national dignitaries and VIP ,which received highly appreciation of the Irish President Michael Higgins and other dignitaries.

 9. On 9th July,2015,the 19th generation descendant of Changshengchuan Hubei chin-brick tea, the chairman of Xin Ding Biological Technology Co., Ltd., the superintendent of Hubei Changshengchuan Chin-brick Tea Research Institute, He Jiangang gave a speech in the "China Brand Forum" hosted by the People's Daily on behalf of the Chinese tea enterprises .

10. In Aug.,2015,Changshengchuan Hubei chin-brick tea was awarded the first
Ø batch of Timed-honored Brand by the Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce.

11. In Aug., 2015,Changshengchuan Hubei chin-brick tea once again boarded Expo podium, and was awarded the “Golden Camel Prize-China Famous Tea for Century Expo".

12. In Sep., 2016,Changshengchuan Hubei chin-brick tea was listed in the fifth Hubei Province Intangible Cultural Heritage.

13. In Sep., 2016,Changshengchuan Hubei chin-brick tea settled in the China Tea Museum.

14. In 2017,Changshengchuan Hubei chin-brick tea passed the review and verification at Grade A level of Green Food and is authorized to use Green Food Label.

15. In Sep., 2017,Changshengchuan has awarded the honorary title of “World Famous Tea” given by the international Tea Association.


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