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Mini Chocolate cake

Product Description:

Brick Tea /270g*4cans/Net.1080g


▶ This product takes the symbolic meaning of Eight Moralities which regarded as the principle of humanness concluding "Loyalty, filial, piety, benevolence, love, faith, righteousness, and peace".

▶ Raw materials rich in selenium picked from high mountains over 800 meters high, after 77 process refinement.

▶ Small tea cake in chocolate shape is available to pull apart and  drinking,reddish yellow soup, Smell sweet, taste mellow.

▶ Combined the elements of Chinese Peking Opera make-ups, which gives people a feeling of tradition culture while drinking the tea. 

▶ Remove  greasy, slimming, promote gastrointestinal health.

Drink Recommendation:

Use Tea knife take an appropriate amount of brick tea,put into tea bag;then put tea bag in a cup or teapot,pour freshly boiled water (100c);cover for 3-4 minutes;then remove teabag when the soup become amber;finally,yourChangshengchuantea is ready.

Please note:

For bubble drinking:The proportion of tea amount and boiling water is 1:40

For boiling drinking:The proportion of tea amount and boiling water is 1:100

Kindly reminder:

You could adjust the brewing time and tea amount according to your own taste.


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