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Craft tea brick-Beauty

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Brick Tea/700g*1pcs/Net: 700g


The "Chu talents" presented in the form of tea crafts, combining the funtion of drinking ,appreciating and preserving into one.It can be called the fine art of tea. ▶ Raw materials rich in selenium picked form high mountains over 800 meters high, after 77 process refinement.

▶ Reddish yellow soup, Smell sweet, taste mellow.

▶ Remove greasy, slimming, promote gastrointestinal health

The Introduction of Chu Talants

Chu Talents!!Shennong

The ancient emperor of Chinese history, the inventor of legendary agriculture and medicine.There is a saying"Shen Nong taste hundreds kinds of heibal medicine" which teaches people medical and farming.He is the god in charge of medicine and agriculture,and regarded as patron saint who can bless the agricultural harvest and people's health. 

Chu Talents!!Lei Zu

Lei Zu,daughter of Xiling in ancient times,the concubine of the Yellow Emperor.Lei Zu discovered silkworm and developed sericulture,who knowned as "the primogenitor of ailkworm".Lei Zu culture is the essence of Chinese culture and a valuable asset of silk culture,and a shining example of the oriental female culture.

Chu Talents!!Qu Yuan

Qu Yuan,the great poet and politician who lived during the Warring States period of ancient Chu.His great work such as "Li Sao" and "Nine Songs" have an important influence on Chinese culture.

Chu Talents!!Guanyu

Famous general in antient times,the admiral of"five tigers",designated as "the duke guan",also known as black beards. He was regarded as the emperor of "loyalty,brave and dignity"in Qing dynasty.Folks addressed him respectfully for "the honorific title of guanyu",shared the fame with "the article Saint" Confucius.

Chu Talents!!Zhao Jun

Zhaojun,was born in Zigui, Hubei.She was married to the Xiongnu shanyu in Han Dynasty for peace which was maintained for over 60 years between China and the Xiongnu. Zhaojun brought tea of her hometown to Xiongnu, built up the friendship between Mongolian and Han.So Hubei chin-brick tea become the dominating tea of Mongolian for a whole lifetime.

Chu Talents!!Lu Yu

Lu Yu,was born in Tianmen,Hubei,was the famous tea scientist in Tang Dynasty.He specialized in tea and wrote the world's first tea book" the Classic of Tea".According to history,Lu Yu studied tea in Hubei Province for a long time in order to write "the Classic of Tea".

Drink Recommendation:

Use Tea knife take an appropriate amount of brick tea,put into tea bag;then put tea bag in a cup or teapot,pour freshly boiled water (100<c);cover for 3-4 minutes;then remove teabag when the soup become amber;finally,your^Changshengchuan ̄tea is ready.

Please note:

For bubble drinking:The proportion of tea amount and boiling water is 1:40

For boiling drinking:The proportion of tea amount and boiling water is 1:100

Kindly reminder:

You could adjust the brewing time and tea amount according to your own taste.


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