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Single Room Tea Bags

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Specification 3g per bag, 20bags per box Total:60g/box

Series Dark Tea

Shape Loose tea

Aroma Lasting fragrance

Soup color Bright Red

Taste Mellow and Sweet in taste

Storage Long-term storage in Clean, ventilated, away from direct sunlight place

Feature A. Handpicked and clean produced

    B. Convenient drinking

    C. One piece can be brewed many times

Effects A. Do good to digestion, protect your stomach

     B. Lower blood pressure, blood fat, blood sugar, uric acid

     C. Nerve protection, guard against Alzheimer¡¯s disease

     D. Remove greasy and lose weight, antioxidant, radiation resistant, anti-cancer

Drinking Take a teabag into your cup, add boiling water, after 2-3 minutes, your tea is ready

Suggestions You could enjoy our tea with other flavoring, such us milk, sugar, honey, flowers, ice and etc.

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